Free and Discounted Technology for Virtual Instruction

Several educational technology vendors have offered free or discounted options to assist with the transition to virtual instruction. Some of these are always free, some are free for a short time, and some have discounted fees or reduced the barriers to using their materials. 

The Faculty Development and Instructional Design Center shares this list for you to explore; we do not specifically endorse or recommend any of the providers or products.

  • Accesibyte - assistive technology for students with disabilities; free trial for 45 days but may be extended as needed  
  • Avaya (free through August) 
  • Cengage - offering free access to digital platforms and ebooks through Cengage Unlimited, through the end of the spring 2020 semester
  • ClassMaster (makes existing paper resources digital, automated marking and reporting) 
  • ExplainEverthing Whiteboard, sketch, etc, Export .mp4 videos. Limited free version but monthly is $6.99.  
  • Gale (free digital content) 
  • Kahoot Premium (free for now) 
  • Magna: Taking Your Teaching Online Program (was $99, now free with code COLLECTION; takes 1 business day to gain access to the course after ordering) 
  • Pronto (free spring and summer semesters) 
  • Quizlet (always free) 
  • TEDEd - library of lessons and videos; free to share the videos and build interactive lessons
  • Top Hat (free the rest of the semester) 
  • Wiley (free resources - WileyPLUS, Knewton Alta and zBooks) 

In addition to these, you can explore thousands of suggestions in this crowd sourced Google Doc- Education Companies Offering Free Subscriptions due to School Closings (Updated) : Amazing Educational Resources.

For free sources of science laboratory demonstrations, simulations, and data sets, check Online Resources for Science Laboratories.

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